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I had to go away: first for a weekend, and then for a week. Theo was away working. I could not leave Sammy in a kennel, and I didn’t want to ask his original family again. After all, they had given him to us, and we should probably get used to keeping him! So our…

A Story of Grace

July 26, 2022 | News | No Comments


Imagine you have just turned 18, and have had a rough life, being shunted from foster home to foster home. You don’t know what happened to your actual parents, whether they gave you up for adoption or, if so, why. It’s always bothered you. You’re pretty rough yourself, experimented with things you thought would help,…

Sammy Story 33: Furry Friends

June 24, 2022 | Sammy Stories | No Comments


M said Sammy was okay with other animals, and it’s true. He doesn’t seem afraid of them. He’s also content to let them do their own thing. We were going to our friends’ house for a visit. Since there were two little dogs that lived there (beautiful Papillons), they were fine with us bringing our…

I’m still here!

August 14, 2021 | News | No Comments


We were up at Elk Island Retreat in the camper for almost 4 months for Theo's work and had spotty internet. So I have been very remiss at posting things here. Hopefully this will change now I am home. Though, we are preparing to move, so no promises!

Sammy Story 31: Tied to Daddy!

May 13, 2021 | News, Sammy Stories | No Comments

I had to go away for a few weeks. Sammy was going to have to stay alone with Daddy.The Ogre.We wondered how that would work with him having to go out the deck door to the outside. If I was there, he never obeyed Theo to go anywhere.Thankfully, his routine was pretty much the same…

Sammy Story 30: Run in the dark!

May 13, 2021 | Sammy Stories | No Comments


M had told us that at night this dog underwent a metamorphosis, and it was true. About a month after we got him home, after doing his business, he would tear around outside in the yard, taking huge leaps and running faster than a hare. He would go so fast, his leaps easily spanned 6…

The Tale of Isaiah the Ingenious

March 5, 2021 | News, Youth Sci-fi | No Comments

The Tale Of Isaiah the Ingenious By Lou Rider The Tale of Isaiah the Ingenious ©Lou Rider January 1, 2021 All rights reserved This is a work of fiction and all characters are entirely the result of the imagination of the author except those who are deemed to be part of legend or history. No…

Sammy Story 29: No More Kennel

February 13, 2021 | Sammy Stories | No Comments


The kennel had been relegated to the basement.Sammy no longer needed it as a safe place, and he no longer even went in there. He had the choice of kennel with the door open, or his little plush bed from which he would do his nightly visit up to our bed.If we were out of…

Cabin Get-away

January 18, 2021 | News | No Comments


The reason nobody has heard from me last week is: I was able to get away for a bit of a writer’s retreat for five days. Talk about being blessed! My friend, and writing chum from Writer’s Ink, who lives out near Consort, alerted me to her parents offer of a cabin on their ranch…

Sammy Story 28: Bum-scratch. Ahh….

January 18, 2021 | Sammy Stories | No Comments


Yes, it’s true, Sammy LOVES getting his bum scratched. I will be in the bathroom, and of course I don’t close the door when I’m alone because that would hurt his feelings not to be right there where the action is. (I know, I know—I’m such a sucker.) Also, he knows there is a good…