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January 18, 2021 | News | No Comments


The reason nobody has heard from me last week is: I was able to get away for a bit of a writer’s retreat for five days. Talk about being blessed! My friend, and writing chum from Writer’s Ink, who lives out near Consort, alerted me to her parents offer of a cabin on their ranch for a getaway. (Kurt and Lynn, you rock!)
I was snugged up inside a piney haven, in front of the wood stove, listening to the fire crackling away, and the coyotes yipping and howling in the distance in the evening. In the day, no sound but the birds chirping merrily away outside the windows.
Only a writer can appreciate how golden it is to be able to eat when you are hungry, not when your spouse or kids are, sleep when you are tired, not when it is “time” to go to bed, get up when you wake, not because of the alarm, and write to your heart’s content without fear of interruption.
I didn’t see a soul for more than four days, and it was bliss. Best of all, I wrote almost 25% of the new Jake Knight book, the second in the series!

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