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New web address and Link!

October 27, 2020


It's getting closer! I've been working so hard behind the scenes with my publishing team from Miriam Laundry Publishing to get the book put together. We're nearing the finish line! You may notice my website address is now instead of Either address will get you here. Most important, is the new link you…

Book Reading!

October 13, 2020


This is a pic of my new mug from Kavaccino's, a sweet little cafe in Lacombe. They are hosting a reading night for local writers sometime this month and since Jake Knight and The Tale of Vindicatum just happens to have a ghost... I will be reading excerpts from my book! How cool is that?…

Update on Publishing Process

October 12, 2020


This is the front and back cover of my upcoming book. I think the Book Designer from Miriam Laundry Books did an amazing job, eh? It's getting very exciting now! I just sent off the manuscript to her to format into the book and I feel like I've given away my baby! I can't fiddle…

Final Head shot choice

October 7, 2020


I had such an amazing response from friends, family and fans when I asked which head shot should go on the back cover of Jake Knight and The Tale of Vindicatum. Most of you picked this one. Thanks for your input! The picture will be cropped from the bottom, but when I tried to upload…

More book stuff

October 3, 2020


Things are moving forward with the book! I am busy getting the elements I need to send to my book designer, John. He's the guy who puts all the parts together. I've written my author biography page, which will be on the last page or two, plus the Book description and the shorter author blurb…

Book update.

September 21, 2020


So, my trusty editor has thankfully not sent my manuscript back with more changes to make. We will be going ahead with the changes I have already done. (Whew!) Right now, she is doing a final copy-edit. That means the grammar, spelling and punctuation. You know–all the fun stuff. When it comes back to me…

Manuscript Final Edit

September 8, 2020

Last Tuesday, I finally decided that I had had enough of tweaking my manuscript before handing it in to Sharon for the final edit. It has been very difficult to get to work on it since we have literally been on holidays off and on since July. Don't get me wrong, I have loved spending…

M sent two pathetic looking “bunnies” with us when Sammy came to be with us. They were his favourites. The purple one was for sleeping with. The white and turquoise one was to beat on and chew. It had lost most of its stuffing and looked ready to fall apart.It took a long time for…

Final Cover Illustration

August 6, 2020


I have given final approval for this illustration for the cover of my book: Jake Knight and The Tale of Vindicatum. The title and author will be added by the graphic designer and I will keep you updated. So, what do you think?

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