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Balancing on a ladder

May 11, 2020

Balancing on a ladder between the dirt and sky, the little boy looks up. He sees his father with the men, his smiling, sweating face urging him on.“I’m going to the top,” he cries and takes another rung.He is excited and just a little scared. His eyes are on his father’s arms, stretched out to…

Magi Mistake

March 28, 2020

Magi Mistake © mary lou deridder 2020 David Munro wanted a refund. He’d paid for the “Strong and Successful” elixir to help him get the guts to ask Sanford for a raise but that was not what he got. He knew that right away when he found himself browsing in the Valentine Card and Gift…


January 23, 2020

How is it that we do not know The spirit people of the sky In spirit dwellings sailing by, But eyes and ears and hearts we close? *** In massive halls they bluster by Eagerly display their show Straining down to those below Pouring favour forth. And I? *** With ever longing wish, look up…