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January 23, 2020 | Poems | 1 Comment

How is it that we do not know

The spirit people of the sky

In spirit dwellings sailing by,

But eyes and ears and hearts we close?


In massive halls they bluster by

Eagerly display their show

Straining down to those below

Pouring favour forth. And I?


With ever longing wish, look up

Desire, despair, my offering

Nothing valued proffering                        

Only lifting empty cup


Sky gods condescend to dust

Beckoning us–Rise and dance!

But feet remain inured to chance,

Planted firm upon the crust


Sky gypsies, with brooding sigh

Parade in caravans of light

Receive rebuke for their invite

So shaking massive shoulders, cry


Clouds © Mary Lou DeRidder 2020

About Author

about author

Lou Rider

Mary Lou lives in Central Alberta with her awesome husband Theo and their rescue-dog Sammy.