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Sammy Story 27: Sir Poops-a-Lot

January 9, 2021 | Sammy Stories | No Comments


I went to the store
And here’s what I bought
A cute little doggie
Yes, that’s what I got

I searched for a name
Something quite hot
But could I find one?
Of course I could not!

He wasn’t a Rover,
Or a Fido or Spot
Lassie or Laddie—
Definitely not!

Now, the yard at our house
Is a very small plot
But soon this wee doggie
Filled it up… Quite a lot!

So what could I call him
From the names I had sought?
Nothing was better
Than Sir Poops-a-lot!

He pooped in the garden
On the path made a blot
He pooped everywhere
And never got caught!

“Stop this mess!” I begged him
Of course he would not
I argued, I pleaded
I scolded, I fought

Would that doggie listen?
Or learn what I taught?
You know the answer—
Absolutely not!

Then I had an idea
I took off like a shot
I brought back a gift
For Sir Poops-a-lot

Can you guess what I bought him?
Do you know what I got?
I got him his very own
Poop-a-lot Pot

No more poop in the yard,
On the path, not a jot
Now Sir Poops-a-lot poops
In his Poop-a-lot pot

About Author

about author

Lou Rider

Mary Lou lives in Central Alberta with her awesome husband Theo and their rescue-dog Sammy.