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Sammy Story 30: Run in the dark!

May 13, 2021 | Sammy Stories | No Comments


M had told us that at night this dog underwent a metamorphosis, and it was true. About a month after we got him home, after doing his business, he would tear around outside in the yard, taking huge leaps and running faster than a hare. He would go so fast, his leaps easily spanned 6 feet.
He didn’t think anyone could see him in the dark, you see, and it gave him the courage to be free.
Part of me was heart-broken that this little guy only felt safe enough to play when he thought the darkness could hide him and no one could see him, no one could get him.

Its dark
You can’t see me
Run around
I’m free!

The little stinker wouldn’t come when I called. He’d stop and looks at me in the shadows, believing I couldn’t see him. I’d have to wait till he was ready.
I tried walking away, thinking he couldn’t bear to be away from his mommy safe-place. That worked only first few times.
In summer he didn’t care; it was warm out.
Now he was starting to do it in the house too. Only at night, but hey, that was a step forward!

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Mary Lou lives in Central Alberta with her awesome husband Theo and their rescue-dog Sammy.