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Sammy Story 33: Furry Friends

June 24, 2022 | Sammy Stories | No Comments


M said Sammy was okay with other animals, and it’s true. He doesn’t seem afraid of them. He’s also content to let them do their own thing.

We were going to our friends’ house for a visit. Since there were two little dogs that lived there (beautiful Papillons), they were fine with us bringing our little guy. They thought it was great that Sammy had come over to see them.
Sammy was okay with Tom, who picked him up and held him on his lap. Surprise! I could see the wheels turning in his head, as he sat there, letting Tom pet him: This guy is okay. I guess I’ll sit with him. But not for long. Then he hopped down and got into his safe place—his basket.
He mostly stayed there while his furry friends, Jax and Gracie, came over to sniff out the newcomer. They were wagging their tails, wanting to make friends, but Sammy stayed where he was. He didn’t look scared or worried, he just didn’t know how to play. He even let them come over and steal his toys and snacks which were with him in the basket, not growling or whining or getting in the least upset.
Then it was time to let them all out in the back yard to go and do their thing. Jax lead the way making the rounds, followed by Gracie, and then Sammy. Usually, he squats like a female, but he must have been impressed with Jax, because the next thing we know, Sammy is lifting his leg like a big boy. We were so proud of him!
Then there was the cat.
When I had to go to a friend’s place one day, I was a little concerned because they have a young cat who had never seen another animal.
I asked Paula permission before bringing him inside and she agreed to give it a try.
As I sat on the couch, Sammy curled up beside me while she went to let Hope, the kitty, out of her room. She came in and didn’t see Sammy at first, but when she did, oh boy! She focussed on him like a laser, curiosity making her circle closer and closer.
Sammy ignored her. He didn’t make a sound, didn’t move, just kept sitting beside me.
She hopped up on her scratch house, still watching him intently. Cautiously she sidled up in front of him till she was about a foot away.
Paula was worried she would take a swipe at him, but slowly, ever so gently, she reached out a paw and patted him along the side of his head.
Sammy accepted the gesture in good grace. He didn’t snap, or even flinch.
I’m not sure if they will be friends, but at least there was no dog-chasing cat, or cat-mauling dog scenario.

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Mary Lou lives in Central Alberta with her awesome husband Theo and their rescue-dog Sammy.