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Sammy Story 7: Treats

December 4, 2020 | News | No Comments

Sammy finally trusted me enough to condescend to accept a treat from me. He loved those little dental treats shaped like a log with a hollow centre. He took it gingerly from my hand, looking around all the while in case someone was there to take it away. Then he toddled off with it towards his basket.

Did he settle down and eat it? Nope. He hopped out again and I heard this strange whistling sound or soft squeal. I thought it was the treat whistling as he walked around with it in his mouth. It took awhile to realize he was crying with joy over getting a treat! He made that sound only then.

It is possible I misunderstood that he was joyful, and he was actually anxious, because he went around looking for a place to “bury” it. He dug up his blanket, pushed it with his nose, burrowed under it, deposited it, then brought it out again and tried to find another spot.

Then late at night, when we were trying to sleep, we would hear the crunching.

Keeping in mind that he was allergic to all sorts of things, so we tried to stick with proper doggy treats: no poultry or wheat. M said he loved Cheezies, and he would even take them from her husband, T, when they were watching TV in bed. So we bought him some. Nope; he wouldn’t eat them.

But we did find out he adores chips.

We have found out that we can feed him anything, really, as long as it’s in small doses, and when we are watching TV, or he is in bed with us.

Even The Ogre can feed him!

Theo sneaks across a bit from under table between us, but God forbid that Sammy would come to him and get any. He can feed him and pet him a bit, but then don’t stand up, you big meany.

It’s almost like he has short-term memory loss. Theo can feed him treats, pat his head, but the next thing you know, he’s running away in terror if Theo walks down the hall.

What a guy!

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Mary Lou lives in Central Alberta with her awesome husband Theo and their rescue-dog Sammy.