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Sammy Story 8: Going Potty

December 4, 2020 | News | No Comments

Since Sammy followed me wherever I went, it was no problem getting him outside to go to the bathroom. As soon as he hit the turf, he knew what to do. Half the battle was over. He knew what grass was for!

M also gave me valuable advice about this procedure. She told me not to be fooled by his “fake” peeing. Sometimes he would have to go, but only pretend to pee, so he could come back inside quickly, especially when it was cold out.

Sure enough, the little stinker would squat, all the while looking at me, but I knew it was too quick to be real. Or, he would only squat half way, not low enough to really do his thing. Sometimes he had just eaten and I knew he probably needed to go poop too; he usually did within an hour of eating. He would try his half-squat, then try to come inside. M told me to tell him, “No! You go! You go!” Then he would disgustedly walk around in circles till eventually he would do his thing. It’s like he had learned to poop on command.

Also, he would not precede me through a door; he always followed. We figured it must have been because he was kicked and wouldn’t trust anyone to be behind him. It was a little awkward getting through the door as I couldn’t see him behind me, but occasionally, he started to go first.

I moved slower, you see, and sometimes a doggy needed to get to where he was going a bit faster than mommy, right?

If The Ogre was inside, though, it was a different story. He’d stop dead, and lots of times I almost tripped over him. Gradually, gradually, he learned there was no one there to kick him from behind, and no one inside ready to grab him. My heart would break when I considered what must have happened to him in his past to create such behaviour.

It would make us only more determined to give this little guy as much love as we could and do our best for him.

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Mary Lou lives in Central Alberta with her awesome husband Theo and their rescue-dog Sammy.