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M said Sammy was okay with other animals, and it’s true. He doesn’t seem afraid of them. He’s also content to let them do their own thing. We were going to our friends’ house for a visit. Since there were two little dogs that lived there (beautiful Papillons), they were fine with us bringing our…


I had to go away: first for a weekend, and then for a week. Theo was away working. I could not leave Sammy in a kennel, and I didn’t want to ask his original family again. After all, they had given him to us, and we should probably get used to keeping him! So our…

Sammy Story 29: No More Kennel

February 13, 2021


The kennel had been relegated to the basement.Sammy no longer needed it as a safe place, and he no longer even went in there. He had the choice of kennel with the door open, or his little plush bed from which he would do his nightly visit up to our bed.If we were out of…

Sammy Story 25: Going Potty

December 21, 2020


Sammy knew what to do with grass, yessir! You peed on it. He also knew it was the place you walked around in funny little circles until you finally squatted to poop. That was very good. So, three or four times a day, we would go out onto our upper deck, then down the two…