Sammy Story 28: Bum-scratch. Ahh….

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Sammy Story 28: Bum-scratch. Ahh….

January 18, 2021 | Sammy Stories | No Comments


Yes, it’s true, Sammy LOVES getting his bum scratched. I will be in the bathroom, and of course I don’t close the door when I’m alone because that would hurt his feelings not to be right there where the action is. (I know, I know—I’m such a sucker.)

Also, he knows there is a good chance I might reach down and scratch the top of his rump. He dearly loves that. I have been noticing this change in the past two or three weeks. It is actually a good sign of the trust he has, because for the longest while, he would not let you get behind him for anything.

I really noticed his butt-positioning strategy after he came bounding up the stairs from doing his poop last week. Feeling so proud of himself for his accomplishment, he had to do his little dance—a tight little circle at the top of the stairs. This time, I went down a few steps and laid down so that just my head and arms were on the top step where he was. This is our same play posture in the morning when we get up. He is on the bed, and I stand on the floor and bend down to him.

I wanted to see if I could get him to play the same way in a different place and time than he was used to. Sure enough, he came over, a little unsure about this new thing, sniffed my hair, letting me get in a pet or two on his head before backing out of reach. He came back, and I got another little pet in, and then… I scratched his butt.

Wow! He was squirming away like he does with the other petting—both liking it, but not willing to let me have complete control, when he must have realized this could be a pretty good gig. He backed his way into my arms and let me hold him that way, my face nuzzling his back and head from behind. And don’t forget the butt-scratch, mom.

I didn’t forget.

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